About us

We are ERA – simple, friendly, sincere, respectful towards nature and people – we are guided by the idea that “eco design really will save the world”, that our customers are not ordinary customers but people who are worth every second of our time, that we make furniture of which simply everyone wants to have at least one piece in their home, office, hotel.

Whether you dine at our tables, sleep on our beds, store your clothes in our wardrobes or simply from time to time visit our website, you are welcome and we are here for you.

ERA is no ordinary furniture for common places and people. ERA is the carefully selected designer, thought put into the purpose of the existence of an object, ERA are the hard working hands of the craftsman who shapes what even the state-of-the-art machines cannot, the keen eye of the technologist with whom everything begins and ends. ERA is the concern about your health, the environment and ultimately the product which starts its long journey from us to warm homes, pleasant offices, futuristic hotels in the desire to have a long-term warranty.
Or at least to last as long as an era.

Our strategy, both private and business, can be described by the following: The wood used in the production is a precious gift of nature. It is similar to us: it is born, breathes, grows, lives for its children and the sun and eventually dies. With great respect we approach every tree and produce unique furniture from it, because every tree, just like every human being, is special and unique. So that it may live for as long as possible, we do not cover it in toxic paints or varnishes, but with vegetable oils, thus preserving its naturalness, as well as its longevity. When you come to ERA for a dresser, a chair, a bed, along with them we give you our love of wood, a passion that drives us and a warranty of at least a hundred years.