We protect forests, the environment and human health by making wooden furniture

We protect forests, the environment and human health by making wooden furniture

The forest gives us air and health – we respect it and protect it.

Making solid wood furniture, thus protecting the forest, nature and human health. At first glance, this sentence seems completely meaningless, but if we analyze it, we will see that it indeed has logic.

Forests in Croatia are given a lot of attention, they are managed with social responsibility and in accordance with strict ecological criteria. This is proven by the prestigious certificate of the FSC – Forest Stewardship Council. This, in other words, means that people intervene only when nature needs them – if a disease occurs on trees, if there is a risk of fire or if room simply needs to be made for young trees to get air and be able to grow. In this case, the “old” trees are cut down and the forest can be naturally restored and flourish. From the felled trees, we in Era make furniture – wooden ecological furniture. Such furniture, given that it is made of wood and finally coated with vegetable oils – is completely healthy and does not evaporate any hazardous substances into the environment. Moreover, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts. One hundred times longer than furniture made of plywood or medium-density fibreboards (which are a source of respiratory problems and some serious diseases on top). Our wooden tables, beds, chests of drawers, children’s rooms say a lot about you, your awareness of the importance of nature conservation. About your and our desire to take care of human health, the interiors in which we live and nature with which we want to live in the beautiful and undisturbed community.

We are ready to live together, our wooden chest of drawers speaks of our care and respect for people and nature.

This is an acorn that is just beginning its centennial journey – we want to be a part of its beautiful story and leave it with air, sun and enough love to grow.

And this is the game of life on our walls. A game in which, with the right frame of mind, we always remain inspired and happy.